When Annette met Little Mick

Little Mick lives in Moora. He always has. Before The Beauty Index, his only dance experience was some ballroom dancing classes that he attended with his Grandma (because he’s a deadset legend). Little Mick is 30 years old and, in his words, ‘five foot, 20 inches’ tall.

He rocked up to the Moora Performing Arts Centre alone, having been dropped off by his wife, Katie, who is expecting their first child. It’s not often that a man in Moora gets a one-on-one dance experience with an award-winning choreographer, but Little Mick is no ordinary man. It didn’t take Annette long to realise that when it comes to dancing, Little Mick’s got the goods.

After their session, Annette remarked that she was ‘amazed by his incredible grace and how quickly he learned complex choreography. He will be the star of The Beauty Index in Moora.’

He’s got a strong commitment to his community, too. Little Mick and Katie took Annette and Carl to both pubs in Moora. Recruits were thin on the ground and it was Little Mick who finally broke the news: it was Thursday and every man and his dance shoes were likely at the skimpy bar.

So off they went. It was a bit like one of those jokes: The giant electrician, the pregnant lady, the choreographer, and the PhD (aka Dr. Carl Heslop, Tour Manager) walk into a skimpy bar…

Little Mick. Just one of the beautiful humans we met on our 10-day recruitment tour. Five foot, 20 inches of good nature and joy. About to become a father to a very lucky little bub.

Suffice it to say, our first foray into a Wheatbelt skimpy bar went off without a hitch and  with Little Mick on our side, we will get the men of Moora dancing. If you’d like to learn more about The Beauty Index, dates and information are on the website. We’re still looking for performers so, even if you’re a bit unsure, be like Little Mick — just give it a crack.

  • Little Mick and Annette in a Moora pub. Photo by Carl Heslop