The Beauty Index Moora

Humanity is on the brink of change. Exploring ideas of vulnerability, strength, terror and beauty, this contemporary dance work was created with men from the local community as you have never seen them before.

7.30pm Wednesday 24 March 2021
Moora Performing Arts Centre

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Choreography: Annette Carmichael
Sound Design: James Gentle
Visual Design: Kevin Draper & Indra Geidans
Costume Design/Stage Manager: Symantha Parr
Lighting Design: Kevin Blyth
Tour Manager: Carl Heslop
Filmmaker: Robert Castiglione

Carl Heslop
Russell Thorpe

Denmark Ensemble
Todd Anderson
Adrian Baer
Zak Launay
Joss Goulden (understudy)

Moora Ensemble
Joshua Glover
Nkululeko Nkiwane 
Mick Rodan

Backstage Volunteer: Naomi Crosby
Photographer: Nic Duncan

Presented by Shire of Moora

The Beauty Index is produced by Annette Carmichael Projects and supported by Amity Health and also through the State Government’s Royalties for Regions Program as part of the Regional Arts and Cultural Investment Program.

Thank you to the original casts of The Beauty Index 2017 & 2018

Mick was the only man who joined us for our taster workshop in Moora last year. He unfolded himself out of the car, still in his work boots and fresh from a hard day’s work and made our trip to Moora worth it within minutes – he has a self-described rawness mixes with an absolute desire to learn and improve.
With a brand new baby born just weeks before our Intensive Residency, we wondered Mick could make this all work but encouraged by his wife Katie Mick arrived each day straight from work and toiled hard in rehearsals. “Once your past a point of tired, you just keep going. My body was sore after three days – but by the end of the week, I was cranked! I was pumped! I could have danced forever.”
We asked Mick, an electrician, why he joined the project and he summed it up beautifully: “This is the complete opposite of what I do every day.”
“This was the chance to learn something in a new way – not something written in a book. I feel like I need to do it – it’s like looking up at a mountain and deciding to climb it. It is just something I need to do.”
Mick has been a real find for the Annette Carmichael Projects team in Moora with an unlikely mix of a 6 foot 7 inch frame and the ability to learn choreography at rapid speed with incredible grace – we are so excited to showcase some of ‘Little Mick’s’ talents in this show.

NK works all around the place, but spends significant time in Moora.
When we asked him why he did the project, he told us he wanted to “Just to do something different, something that could just liberate me.”
“I just came along to have a look, it gradually turned in to a challenge – then I was getting in to it more and more, then mingling with the boys and just getting the flow.”
NK is looking forward to getting on stage in front of the Moora community.
“If you get a chance to present yourself to an audience, it gives you the chance to do something amazing.”
“If you can put a smile on someone’s face that is an achievement in life.”
We asked NK if he had any advice to people thinking about doing the project or trying something like this he said, “in every one of us there is a child trapped, in moments like these you open up and just be free.”
“I’d encourage others to try it and the liberating spirit attached to it.”
We love NK’s presence, beauty and flow – and we can’t wait for you to see it for yourself.

Josh is from Moora and described feeling accomplished with the work he completed at the Intensive Residency week.
“After the week I felt good with myself. Before we started, I was a nervous wreck and the first night I was in a constant state of panic.”
“Doing something that I would never do gave me a sense of confidence and accomplishment. There were times during the week that were really hard – particularly Wednesday when I was very sore – but I kept coming because I was doing nothing at home and constantly in my head and this gave me a chance to get into my body.”
It wasn’t just hard work and the chance to get out of his head that Josh enjoyed, there was a lot of fun had along the way.
“Everyone there made me laugh too. If we added the time we were just laughing, we were laughing for about two hours.”
Looking forward to the performance, Josh summed up the feelings of many of our community performers: “I’m excited with a little bit of nervousness – which I think is normal for people who have never done it before.”
We can’t wait for you to come and celebrate the amazing work the Josh and the other men from Moora created with us.

  • Dancer from The Beauty Index by Annette Carmichael. Image Nic Duncan.
  • Annette Carmichael's The Beauty Index. Dancer Mick Rodan, image Nic Duncan.
  • Dancer from The Beauty Index by Annette Carmichael. Image Nic Duncan.