On the Hunt for Men

Annette and Tour Manager, Carl Heslop hit the road recently for a whirlwind tour of regional WA to rustle up some talent for The Beauty Index — a dance project for men. The 2200km road trip through Harvey, Moora, Kalgoorlie and Ravensthorpe definitely delivered, with overwhelmingly positive responses from the country blokes.

Here are some of the highlights from our roadtrip.

Dance for a cause

David Marshall from Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre rose to the challenge of getting a bunch of blokes together for a dance. His truly remarkable strategy was to market the event as Dance for a Cause. And because the men of Harvey are such legends, they showed up with a plan to raise funds for three local charities. Eighteen of them came along to our workshop and got a taste of contemporary dance.

Pizza, wine and coffee

We were welcomed with open arms into the communities we visited and were thrilled to connect with 32 men who were keen to know more about the project. From starting the day with a sunrise photoshoot in Kalgoorlie, teaching and practising new choreography and tagging along with locals to their favourite nightspots (including Annette’s first trip to a skimpy bar), we met some open-hearted, gracious and downright beautiful men.

Hustling and hullabaloo

The Beauty Index recruitment tour turned into a ‘Pubs of WA’ marathon, as we quickly learned the best places to find large gatherings of men. Many were curious to know why we were there and happy to have a chat. We spoke to every man in every pub in Moora, Kalgoorlie and Ravensthorpe. At one point, someone tried to burn The Beauty Index flier. A fight broke out — all in a day’s work for a choreographer.

Bravery and commitment

To say that The Beauty Index is a step outside many men’s comfort zones is an understatement. And that is not lost on us. We get that trying something new is a difficult thing to do, and that’s why we work so hard to be friendly and welcoming. No dance experience? No problem. It’s open-mindedness and bravery that get men through the door, and that’s all they need to put on an amazing show. Annette and her team takes care of the rest.

We thank each and every man that came along from the bottom of our community dance-loving hearts. And if you missed out, there’s still time to get involved. Sign up here and we’ll see you in intensive training sessions!

  • Annette Carmichael directing photoshoot in Hopetoun with Carl Heslop, Paul Foulds. Photo by Dene Bingham
  • Harvey men learning The Beauty Index
  • Melissa Drummond photographing Carl Heslop in Kalgoorlie for The Beauty Index by Annette Carmichael