The Beauty Index


About the Show
Beyond fear and terror there is beauty. The Beauty Index is a visceral feast of strength, vulnerability and visual poetry created with Great Southern men, that transformed the industrial landscape of  Denmark’s old mill site in October 2017.  It was remounted at the Albany Entertainment Centre in 2018.  In 2020/2021, five new versions of The Beauty Index were created with men from Ravensthorpe, Kalgoorlie, Moora, Harvey and Mandurah.

Featuring original music by James Gentle, visual design by Indra Geidans and Kevin Draper, costume design by Symantha Parr, lighting design by Kevin Blyth and choreography by award-winning creative producer Annette Carmichael.

The Beauty Index is the first installment in a trilogy of works examining the power of beauty to preserve our humanity in the face of violence.

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“There’s a conviction to the untrained dancers. The significance of what it means to them to be on stage – vulnerable yet strong and expressive – is palpable. It’s a credit to Carmichael’s ability to draw out each dancer’s power and presence.” – Leigh Reddall, See Saw Magazine on The Beauty Index. Read the full review.

  • Annette Carmichael's The Beauty Index. Image Dene Bingham..
  • Dancers from The Beauty Index by Annette Carmichael. Image Melissa Drummond.
  • Dancers from The Beauty Index Denmark by choreographer Annette Carmichael. Image Nic Duncan
  • Dancers in The Beauty Index by Annette Carmichael. Image by Nic Duncan
  • Photo by Nic Duncan