Because of You…Denmark

ACT-BELONG-COMMIT Because of You… is a child-centred dance project created by choreographer Sandi Woo.  Through online workshops, young children make dance with a significant adult in their life that ultimately becomes a live performance streamed from their homes to the world.   Using green screen technology, original music by David Rastrick, illustrations from Katherine McKenzie and set design from David McKenzie, this 20 minute performance captures the love, fun and challenges of family life.   In May 2020, families in Denmark (Kwoorabup), WA created their own version of Because of You.. performing to nearly 1000 people online.  You can see the joy and magic of this project, captured during COVID-19 isolation.

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Pod #1 – 10am Friday 15 & Saturday 16 May
Alyssa, Zalia & Marie
Eloise & Kellie
Sofia, Leo & Kirsten
Lyra & Jess
Safi, Olly & Nada
Willow & Acaranda

Pod #2 – 3.30pm Friday 15 & Saturday 16 May
Abbie & Jess
Darcy & Vanessa
Jaxon & Joelie
Neytiri & Aletia
River & Rosie
Summer & Tamala

Choreographer: Sandi Woo
Creative Producer: Annette Carmichael
Composer: David Rastrick
Technology Artist: David McKenzie
Illustrations: Katherine McKenzie
Film: Anglecott Productions
Film Dancers: Sumer & Ethan Addy
Assistant Stage Managers: Zalia, Jethro & Leo

Adrian Baer, Kelvin Carmichael, Esther Jones, Mary Cliff, Adie McDermott
Elizabeth Jack, Erica Stokes, Helen Macguire, Nicki Duncan, Ruth Halbert
Angela Simpson, Elsa Luhn, Stephanie Mather, Susan Cenin, Petra Thompson
David Nunn, Eileen Orchard, Jillianne Mather, Richard Keeler, Tracy Pearson
John Davey, Ae Lynch, Janine McCrum, Theda Mansholt, Annett Forman
Barb Piercey, Betsy Bush, Carly Young, Eileen Orchard, Kate Campbell-Pope
Marijke Hazelzet, Shirley Motteram, Debra Coombs, Janine McCrum
Jessica Dyer, Kerry Lund

  • Photo by Nic Duncan
  • Annette Carmichael Projects, image by Nic-Duncan