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Because of You…Narrogin

Because of You…Narrogin

This sweet production about kids’ creativity and family connections overcame many challenges in the face of the ongoing pandemic.

Because of You…Narrogin was initially set up as a live performance with workshops taking place in Narrogin. A raging wave of COVID-19 prompted us to transpose the entire programme to the internet, where families could practice and engage with each other online via Zoom.

The resulting performance was a true creative feat, bringing fresh dance together through the raw energy of young children and the wide open embrace and support of their grooving parents.

This show was packed full of originality and authenticity, from Narrogin artist Casey Thornton’s locally inspired illustrations to the beautiful performance by Melanie Noakes and daughter Jordanna – filmed in Wickepin by Still Media and edited in Albany by Gneiss Design.

Melanie says: “Being able to do this project with Jordanna was so special. It was such a lovely bonding time…After participating in this experience I have learnt that with the right support and encouragement you can do things you never thought you would do!”

Sandi Woo’s wonderful work has brought people together from across Western Australia, spreading heartfelt joy from home to home and was accompanied by the music of Great Southern maestro, David Rastrick. Congratulations to all who joined in the fun and worked hard towards this unique live-streamed performance!

Presented by Arts Narrogin
Funded by the State Government of Western Australia through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
and Lotterywest.
Produced by Annette Carmichael Projects

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
Arts Narrogin

Creative Team
Sandi Woo, Choreographer/Creator
Annette Carmichael, Creative Producer
David Rastrick, Composer
Rachael Bott, Taster Workshop Facilitator
Josephine Hayes and Still Media, Film

Illustration: Casey Thornton
Technology: David McKenzie
Photography: Kerry Smart

Livestream Performers:
April & Kimberly Williams
Li & Ling Evans
Nina Lucas Smythe and James Smythe
Posie & Trevor Pedersen

Film Performers:
Jordanna & Melanie Noakes

Additional Vocals:
Janine Andrews – Dream A Big Dream 
Terry MacKintosh – Monstré Piétiner
Tilly Kelleher – Celebrate

Singing Bowl & Chimes: Mira Clohessy – Sky Running

Because of You...Gosnells by Sandi Woo. Image by Daniel Grant photographer past-projects

Because of You…Gosnells

Because of You…Gosnells

Because of You… is a child-centred dance project created by award-winning choreographer Sandi Woo and produced by Annette Carmichael Projects.

This unique project is created with and performed by children aged 4-7 years old with a significant adult in their life. The performance is made through a series of fun and playful workshops where performers learn a series of games which they play during the show. This is the third season of Because of You… following performances in Broome (2013) and Denmark (2020).

Participants in the Broome and Denmark performances told us how much it strengthened the bonds between child and adult and how impressed the adults were by the creativity and leadership of the children.

This project is coming to Gosnells in response to the isolation felt by so many during the Covid19 pandemic.

Presented by Don Russell Performing Arts Centre, City of Gosnells
Funded by WA Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

First commissioned by Ausdance WA as part of Future Landings

Performance Details
Don Russell Performing Arts Centre
101 Murdoch Road, Thornlie

11am and 1pm Friday 17 September 2021
11am and 1pm Saturday 18 September 2021

Creative Team
Sandi Woo, Choreographer/Creator
Annette Carmichael, Creative Producer
David Rastrick, Composer
Rachael Bott, Dance Artist
Shannon McCann, Dance Assistant
Zoe Street, Visual Designer
Peter Carr, Lighting Designer
Dunjey Productions, Filmmaker
Jacqui Claus with Marshall, Film Dance Artist

Emma with Yeonho
Ian with Nila
Johnny and Olly with Grace
Tiara with Andreas and Izzy
Zoey with Lani

Thank you Hazel and Claire

Additional Vocals
Janine Andrews – Dream a Big Dream
Terry MacKintosh – Monstre Pietiner
Tilly Kelleher – Celebrate

Singing Bowl & Chimes
Mira Clohessy – Sky Running

Images by Daniel Grant Photographer

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Dancer and choreographer Annette Carmichael past-projects

The Index

The Index

An exhibition created in response to escalating global levels of fear and terror, The Index is a study on harmony and disruption. 

This multimedia installation features a series of Nic Duncan photographs of dancer Annette Carmichael in a variety of environments, including sites of regeneration and industry. Objects designed by sculptor Kevin Draper define the internal space of some images. Janine McCrum’s textile art and James Gentle’s haunting musical soundscape provide the backdrop for hundreds of eggshells.  

Previously exhibited at Bunbury Regional Arts Galleries, Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance, and Denmark Community Resource Centre.

Funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) Culture and the Arts (WA). Development support provided by Tasdance and Denmark Arts Brave New Works festival.

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Dancers from The Beauty Index by Annette Carmichael past-projects

The Beauty Index

The Beauty Index


About the Show
Beyond fear and terror there is beauty. The Beauty Index is a visceral feast of strength, vulnerability and visual poetry created with Great Southern men, that transformed the industrial landscape of  Denmark’s old mill site in October 2017.  It was remounted at the Albany Entertainment Centre in 2018.  In 2020/2021, five new versions of The Beauty Index were created with men from Ravensthorpe, Kalgoorlie, Moora, Harvey and Mandurah.

Featuring original music by James Gentle, visual design by Indra Geidans and Kevin Draper, costume design by Symantha Parr, lighting design by Kevin Blyth and choreography by award-winning creative producer Annette Carmichael.

The Beauty Index is the first installment in a trilogy of works examining the power of beauty to preserve our humanity in the face of violence.

Online Programs

Watch a collection of films created by Robert Castiglione

Meet the Men from Moora
Meet the Men from Denmark
Sound DesignCarl Heslop’s Story

Read the reviews

“There’s a conviction to the untrained dancers. The significance of what it means to them to be on stage – vulnerable yet strong and expressive – is palpable. It’s a credit to Carmichael’s ability to draw out each dancer’s power and presence.” – Leigh Reddall, See Saw Magazine on The Beauty Index. Read the full review.

Dancers for Annette Carmichael's Light Shade of Red past-projects

A Light Shade of Red

A Light Shade of Red


A Light Shade of Red is a dance work that holds us in the liminal space between past and future. Saturated in colour, this performance captures the emotional state of young people as a heady mix of hope and anxiety, peace-filled plenty and individual challenge. A surprising and emotional performance from young people created for the centenary of Armistice Day and premiered at the Albany Entertainment Centre in October 2018.

A Light Shade of Red is Chapter 2 of The Beauty Index Trilogy.

The project also incorporated a series of photographic and film workshops that culminated in an exhibition at the Albany Town Hall in November 2018.

Creative Team
Choreography: Annette Carmichael, Sound Design: James Gentle, Visual Design: Kevin Draper, Indra Geidans, Costume Design: Symantha Parr, Lighting Design: Kevin Blyth, Photography: Nic Duncan, Film: Robert Castiglione.

A Light Shade of Red Performers
Emil Davey, Peter Goodbourn, Karlene Green, Maia Jackson, Claudia Lemann, Alyssa Lowry, Katherine McKenzie, Layla McPherson, Julian O’Brien, Sam Reeves, Meg Riemer and Jessica Rouse.

A Light Shade of Red Media Project
Jasmine Boaden, Toby Boaden, Nya Dennison, Max Groszewski, Jarrah Marshall, Namuh Martin-Gordon, Lyrica Murray, Stella Thomas and Kori Thompson.

The Beauty Index 2018 Performers
Don Anderson, Todd Anderson, Adrian Baer, Rick Bentink, Brad Black, John Davey, Carl Heslop, Richard Jackson, Brett Lamb and Zak Launay.

Special guest performer
Scott Elstermann

This project is presented by Annette Carmichael Projects and supported by City of Albany Vancouver Arts Centre, Lotterywest, Denmark Arts, the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) Culture and the Arts (WA) and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Dancers from Chorus by Annette Carmichael past-projects

Chorus 2020

Chorus 2020

Chapter 3 – The Beauty Index Trilogy

Watch Behind the ScenesWatch First day DenmarkWatch Show HighlightsWatch Full Show

A work of epic proportion, Chorus united community performers from the towns of Denmark, Albany, Ravensthorpe, Bunbury, Mandurah and Perth beneath the stars in a natural amphitheatre surrounded by Denmark’s tall forests. 

More than 150 women joined some of Australia’s leading dance artists for two extraordinary performances at Silverstream Wines in March 2020. 

Calling for an end to violence, Chorus follows the character of ‘Beauty’, a winged goddess who is broken and suffering. ‘Solaire’ a sun-goddess, sends forth the Chorus, a mass of women who bring knowledge, joy, persistence and pleasure to help Beauty recover. 

Danced by women aged 14 –70 years old, many of the women had little to no experience of dance but through months of training found a common language of movement and gesture. 

The performance featured original music by James Gentle performed live with soprano Bonnie Staude, violinist Jude Iddison and celloist Marie Limondin. 

Silverstream Wines released a sparkling Riesling in honour of Chorus. 

The Creation of Now by choreographer Annette Carmichael. past-projects

The Creation of Now

The Creation of Now

The Creation of Now was a large scale intergenerational community performance that debated the concepts of time and perceptions of ‘now’.

Over 100 participants, ranging in ages from 6 months to 70 years, created movement, theatre, animation and original violin compositions to realise this imaginative work.

Premiere: Brave New Works Festival, 2015, Denmark

Commissioned by Ausdance WA for Future Landings

Choreography: Annette Carmichael 
Script Facilitator: Linda Bradbury
Violin Composition: Jude Iddison
Sound Design: James Gentle 
Set Design: Janine McCrum & Frank Freitag
Costume Dyeing: Jenny Wilson
Lighting Design: Tim Dunn
Animation: Margriet Walker
Film: Michael Hemmings


Snake Run project by Annette Carmichael Projects past-projects

The Snake Run

The Snake Run

Dance and skating on an Albany icon

Perth International Arts Festival and the City of Albany joined forces to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the internationally renowned Snake Run in 2016. The iconic skate park on the slopes of Mount Clarence is the oldest community built skate park in Australia, and the second oldest in the world.

Annette Carmichael worked with the local community to gather stories and create an event attended by thousands of people. Her contemporary skate and dance performance teamed local skaters with a team of professional artists to create an unforgettable experience. The evening opened the Great Southern’s 2016 festival season.

Choreography: Annette Carmichael 
Sound Design: James Gentle
Costume Design: Lynda Moylan



My War?

My War?

Honouring the fallen with questions about war

As part of the centenary commemorations of the departure of the ANZAC fleet from Albany, this project made space for the voices of young people.  Created by young people aged 14 – 25 with Annette Carmichael, My War? explored the complexity of our feelings about war: from the fun of on-line gaming to the fear of terrorism. Inspired by contact with war veterans, this dance and theatre performance, e-zine and exhibition provoked a fresh view of war and its influence on contemporary culture.

Exhibition: Vancouver Arts Centre, November 2014
Performance: Albany Entertainment Centre, January 2015

Choreography: Annette Carmichael 
Script: Linda Bradbury, Maree Dawes, Liz Newell with performers 
Costume Design: Shannon Hawks
Lighting Design: Ashlee Poole
Sound Design: James Gentle
Film: Phil Jagger and Michael Hemmings
Set Illustration: Kate Gillett

Annette Carmichael Projects past-projects



Between Kwoorabup and Denmark

Set in the Karri clad border between river and paddock, Solace+Yearning explores our longing to connect to the natural world and the complexities of our history upon this land. Created from community workshops in Noongar culture, eco-dyeing, writing and performance, this work was first revealed at Brave New Works #19, Denmark, to sell-out audiences in 2012. Since then Solace+Yearning has been reworked as a solo show that brings the original site to audiences via film, set and costumes.

Choreography: Annette Carmichael
Script: Nicola-Jane le Breton & Linda Bradbury with performers
Textile Facilitator: Jenny Barter

e-Book Watch

Dancer Annette Carmichael past-projects

Air and Artefact

Air and Artefact

Air and Artefact featured in the line-up for Perth’s Fringe World in 2018.  Performing to sell-out shows at The Blue Room theatre, the show deepened Annette’s ongoing collaboration with James Gentle.

Sound and choreography merge into a fragile volume of memories in this visual song for eggshell and air. The production saw James stepping out from behind his electronic decks and into the performance space. Sampled sounds and live tuba joined with Annette’s intricate patterning of improvised choreography, accompanied by the crunch of eggshells underfoot. 

The show made its Great Southern debut at the Vancouver Arts Centre as part of the closing line-up for Curious Happenings, Albany’s inaugural Fringe Arts Regional Festival

Beause of You dance project past-projects

Because of You…Denmark

Because of You…Denmark

ACT-BELONG-COMMIT Because of You… is a child-centred dance project created by choreographer Sandi Woo.  Through online workshops, young children make dance with a significant adult in their life that ultimately becomes a live performance streamed from their homes to the world.   Using green screen technology, original music by David Rastrick, illustrations from Katherine McKenzie and set design from David McKenzie, this 20 minute performance captures the love, fun and challenges of family life.   In May 2020, families in Denmark (Kwoorabup), WA created their own version of Because of You.. performing to nearly 1000 people online.  You can see the joy and magic of this project, captured during COVID-19 isolation.

Watch Pod#1 DenmarkWatch Pod#2 Denmark
Watch Opening FilmWatch Denmark Sky Running

Pod #1 – 10am Friday 15 & Saturday 16 May
Alyssa, Zalia & Marie
Eloise & Kellie
Sofia, Leo & Kirsten
Lyra & Jess
Safi, Olly & Nada
Willow & Acaranda

Pod #2 – 3.30pm Friday 15 & Saturday 16 May
Abbie & Jess
Darcy & Vanessa
Jaxon & Joelie
Neytiri & Aletia
River & Rosie
Summer & Tamala

Choreographer: Sandi Woo
Creative Producer: Annette Carmichael
Composer: David Rastrick
Technology Artist: David McKenzie
Illustrations: Katherine McKenzie
Film: Anglecott Productions
Film Dancers: Sumer & Ethan Addy
Assistant Stage Managers: Zalia, Jethro & Leo

Adrian Baer, Kelvin Carmichael, Esther Jones, Mary Cliff, Adie McDermott
Elizabeth Jack, Erica Stokes, Helen Macguire, Nicki Duncan, Ruth Halbert
Angela Simpson, Elsa Luhn, Stephanie Mather, Susan Cenin, Petra Thompson
David Nunn, Eileen Orchard, Jillianne Mather, Richard Keeler, Tracy Pearson
John Davey, Ae Lynch, Janine McCrum, Theda Mansholt, Annett Forman
Barb Piercey, Betsy Bush, Carly Young, Eileen Orchard, Kate Campbell-Pope
Marijke Hazelzet, Shirley Motteram, Debra Coombs, Janine McCrum
Jessica Dyer, Kerry Lund